Colette has been studying the ancient art of Feng Shui for over twenty years. Her first foray into Feng Shui began in the late ‘90s when Colette was working as an interior designer and became interested in how this ‘new’ (to the West) practice could bring extra value to her clients. This exploration developed into a serious study which has spanned two decades and has brought Colette all over the world in her quest to study and learn from the most advanced Feng Shui practitioners in the world.

An eternal student of life and the world, Colette continues her studies today with Master Joey Yap of the Mastery Academy, Malaysia.

Now that her expertise has reached a level where she feels at home owning her space in the world of Feng Shui, she is ready to share her knowledge.

Based in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, Colette applies her knowledge of different Feng Shui techniques to help private clients and companies locally in person, and across the world online, to achieve success by improving their environment and quality of life.

In addition to being a Feng Shui practitioner, Colette has also studied wholefoods and the energetics of whole food with the Academy of Healing Nutrition, London & New York. She is a qualified Holistic Health Practitioner.


  • The Joey Yap Feng Shui Academy, Singapore, with Joey Yap
  • Feng Shui Mastery, American School of Classical Feng Shui, with Aaron Lee Koch *
  • East West Academy, New York, with Marlyna Los
  • Diamond Feng Shui School, with Marie Diamond *
  • Lillian Too
  • Gina Lazenby, Feng Shui International, London *
  • Roger Green
  • Simon Brown
  • William Spear
  • Irish School of Feng Shui *
  • Diamond Dowsing, with Marie Diamond *
  • Space Clearing, Karen Kingston
  • The Academy of Healing Nutrition New York & London *
  • The Andrian School of Interior Design, Dublin *


Colette is passionate about educating people about what Feng Shui is really about. To reach more people, Colette holds workshops a number of times a year.

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Classical Feng Shui Seminars

This jam-packed one-day seminar is suitable for anyone who is interested in finding out how the ancient practice of Feng Shui can help improve their life. Expect plenty of tips, interaction and, of course, a great atmosphere!

Each attendee will receive their own individual Feng Shui blueprint, which is derived from the energy that was dominant at the time of your birth. You will have the opportunity to review your goals for the year ahead.

  • Learn how to read your birth chart to discover your potential.
  • Discover which parts of your home or office are best to focus on to bring about greater success, health, wealth and happiness.
  • Gain individual personal development recommendations from Colette, based on your energetic blueprint.
  • Find out how to create a Feng Shui Vision Board based on your unique energy blueprint.

Armed with this knowledge, you will return home ready to implement positive changes in your life and environment which will help you reach your personal and business goals for this year.